Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 evaluation ireland

Salomon S-Lab Sense 5 Ultra (180 dollars) can be said to have a complex length of the name, the most iconic cross-country running shoes.

So simple design, the beauty of red and white over the beauty of its design purposes: in the hard ground and the ups and downs between the mountains running.

Sense Ultra may be the entire cross-country running shoes inside the market, the only design for racing shoes. Most of us will wear running shoes for racing, sometimes with faster pace, but we never want to wear lightweight running shoes for speed training.

Unsurpassed vamps, and mixed hardness, low cushion material for the Sense Ultra into a pair of very good game shoes. But wearing the run for a long time, really depends on the user, Sense Ultra is a pair of shoes I hope to wear more.

Some people see the price tag at once discouraged.

But considering that I have amazing comfort from Sense Ultra and many years of wearing, I think this pair of shoes really quite value.

I can not resist it, red and white. The simple fact is that Salomon has never used this color theme, which is their logo. Which in my opinion is definitely the most dazzling pair, I do not think there is better in the market of cross-country running shoes. We all know that color does not represent anything, but I think this is a pair of excellent running shoe design of the additional benefits.

Over the years, you may not have been through the S-Lab series of Salomon shoes. When you first put your feet in these shoes, the beginning may feel a little pressure feeling. Salomon’s Endofit technology is definitely the best technology on the market, in the technical road will protect your feet very well. The advantages of these shoes too much, I really can not all say it. Think of your foot being wrapped in a seamless mid foot. When you fasten your laces, your feet are fully secured, but there is enough room for your toes to feel the ground. When the short-distance cross-country running, even barefoot, I have never encountered problems or blisters. This additional toe space, it is I found and previous generations of Sense 5 Ultra different places.

Salomon will also update the more breathable upper mesh, similar to the original version of Kilian Jornet designed in 2011, Western States. Even if this layer of mesh can almost see through the upper, but the material is very strong and durable. In some particularly hot weather, I can still feel the wind through the mesh to cool my toes. In the front of the shoe, mesh surface with a layer of seamless welding of thin rubber layer. The front part of my favorite part is the toe rubber, it maintains the toe part of the toe space structure, to prevent wrinkling and blisters. Even toe collision, but also to give enough protection to the toes. The pair comes with Salomon’s standard Quicklace quick lacing system. Kevlar is a shoelace material, part of the tongue actually has a place shoelace space, which stunning to me.

This pair of shoes wrapped and good and durable for a large part of the reason is the use of three-layer density of the middle of the shoe material. This means that you are beginning to experience a pair of hard shoes, ran about 50 miles, the soles will be a little soft. The beginning with these shoes, because my forefoot is very sore, run a bit strenuous. But when I tame the shoes, wearing Sense 5 Ultra running will feel more smooth. I do not feel any clever cross-country running shoes on the market. This gave those who “run up to 10 miles of this pair of shoes,” “run up feet to waste,” rumors fiercely blow.

Give you a bubble on the middle of the shoe how hard the concept, I almost can not use the thumb to the foam shoes down, but almost all the other cross-country running shoes I can press down. To be a reference, the use of Sense 5 Ultra probably feel like Adidas Adios road running soft and hard, but its toe and heel drop is much smaller than the Adios, Sense5 difference is 4 mm. In my opinion to find another pair of like Sense 5 Ultra as solid and fast running shoes, is a very difficult thing. The firmness of the middle part of the shoe provides excellent road feel and protection, and ProFeel Film technology is the technology to control the terrain, to achieve a lightweight and protective effective balance.

Salomon’s rubber soles come with wetland traction Contragrip technology, which is well worth it. It can be very good to seize the stone pavement, in the flat road, even the road, run up very smoothly. The highly wear-resistant rubber sole has a long service life and wears very slowly, and my Sense 5 Ultra looks as if it has not worn out even after 150 miles. The slippery rocky pavement is where the soles of this pair of shoes shine: a combination of excellent drainage performance, these shoes even ran through the wet roadside, still almost no mud left in the soles.

Salomon’s OS Tendon technology to heel to toe conversion, like a solid lever principle, you can run faster with the speed. This feels good for a fast-paced running experience, but sometimes the hardness of the middle of the shoe and the combination of OS Tendon technology is a torture to me while running slowly. But when the legs and feet in the long distance climbing very tired, Sense 5 Ultra’s hardness is just right.

Summary of views
This is a pair of shoes with the latest technology, for the racing was born. For those who experience the outstanding design, fit, and wearability, this is a great pair of running shoes, even with a $ 180 price tag. I heard that some runners even ran their Sense Ultra for nearly 1,000 miles. I still can not understand how Andrew Miller, who ran the 100-mile race in Western Europe in 2016, I guess he must have a pair of powerful, efficient, and 20-year-old feet. Unfortunately, I have missed wearing such a hard running shoes to run long distances. But I still like to wear them to high-speed Benhang or climbing days. But for me and some other runners through these shoes, I still have some problems. 4 mm foot drop and did not feel like an ordinary 4 mm gap. In fact, I almost feel I was wearing a pair of spikes with the opposite sprint spikes, Sense 5 Ultra really put me in front of my feet. It feels great, but running for a while will feel the calf and ankle have some pain. This feeling seems to be due to the middle of the shoes too hard, in my opinion there seems to be some unnecessary. I think this pair of shoes if the material in the middle of the shoe with some softer EVA material, there may be more audience.